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Our Pre-Primary Program (Ages 2 – 3 ½ )

The Pre-Primary Program is designed for ages 2 to 3 ½ years. Children begin to come to school away from their parents, be redirected, and attend to a task. This experience allows the young student to increase language, motor, social, and practical life skills.


Our Pre-Primary program prepares students with lessons in Practical Life, Sensorial, Motor Development, Music, Art, Geography, History, Science, Math, and Language Arts. The following are a few of the lessons that your student will receive during Pre-Primary:

Practical Life

  • Care of Classroom Animals
  • Locks and Keys
  • Red Rod Maze
  • Packing and Unpacking a Lunch box
  • Nutrition: Healthy Drinks (The Importance of Water)
  • Handling Conflict: Apologizing
  • Positive Decision-Making: Making Choices
  • Active Participation in Groups
  • Expressing Emotions
  • Social Interactions: Parallel Play
  • Sensorial
  • Object Permanence Box with Drawer
  • Stacking Blocks
  • Nesting Cups
  • Cylinder Blocks: Individual Sets 1 – 4
  • Pink Tower and Brown Stair
  • Mystery Bag: Familiar Objects
  • Stereognostic Exercises
  • Touch Boards: Rough and Smooth Board Sets
  • Fabric Box
  • Smelling Bottles

Motor Development

  • Dancing with Scarves
  • Slow/Fast Dance
  • Feelings Movement
  • Animals Play
  • Marching, Hopping, Skipping


  • Rhyming
  • Rhythm
  • Finger Plays
  • Drawing or Painting to Classical Music
  • Clapping to Rhythms


  • Creating a Collage
  • Primary and Secondary Color
  • Exploring Color
  • Painting at the Easel
  • Watercolor Exploration


  • Day/Night, Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday
  • Timeline of a Day
  • Montessori Birthday
  • Seasonal Changes and Events


  • Sorting Objects Magnetic/Non-Magnetic
  • Exploring Color Mixing (Color Paddles)
  • Collecting for the Class Nature Center
  • Planting and Germination of Seeds


  • Puzzles for Ordering by Size
  • Counting Songs and Fingerplays
  • Sandpaper Numerals: 0 to 9
  • Spindle Boxes: 0 to 9
  • Colored (Short) Bead Stair: 1 to 9

Language Arts

  • Stringing Words Together
  • Enunciating Consonants
  • Conversation Pictures
  • Speaking in Phrases and Short Sentences
  • Sandpaper Letters (Lower-case) and Objects


  • Initial Experience: Position in Space
  • Initial Experience: Position Mapping
  • Land, Air and Water: Matching Labels to Containers/Images
  • Land and Water Globe
  • Thanksgiving

Special Programs

Barnyard – Maria Montessori believed with knowledge comes respect. Our barnyard offers an intimate experience for observation and care taking. The Pre-Primary students only observe the animals and do not make contact with them. The students will, however, begin to take part in caring for the animals as they progress into the Upper Elementary Program.

Butterfly Garden & Garden Boxes – On campus we maintain a butterfly garden and each class has its own garden box that the children plant and water. The students enjoy completing the work cycle, learning about the environment, and understanding this ecosystem.

Fine Arts Performances – Our Fine Arts program provides children with the foundation for knowledge and appreciation of the master artists and composers as well as opportunities for self-expression. Throughout the year, parents/guardians are invited to enjoy performances given by the children.

Child Care Assistance Programs – We are a Provider for the following:

  • CCS, Child Care Services: The Child Care Services (CCS) division of the City of San Antonio partners with Alamo Area Development Cooperation (AADC) to provide child care and provider management services for Bexar County, and 11 surrounding areas including: Atascosa, Bandera, Comal, Frio, Gillespie, Guadalupe, Karnes, Kendall, Kerr, Medina, and Wilson.
  • NACCRA: Child Care Aware of America is our nation’s leading voice for child care. We work with state and local Child Care Resource and Referral agencies (CCR&Rs) and other community partners to ensure that all families have access to quality, affordable child care.
  • GSA: Child Care Subsidies for Federal Employees. Child care subsidy programs provide financial assistance to eligible families to assist with child care costs.

Meet Our Pre-Primary Teachers

Pre-Primary-Ashley Kinkade

Ms. Tara Zewleski

Ms Tara previously worked as Office Administrator for an Autism services provider for 17 years. During her time at the clinic, she worked alongside psychologists and ABA therapists to build a strong community approach to best support the children and their families. “Similarly, SACDMS has created their own strong community to nurture students and families,” Tara stated. Since enrolling her son as a pre-primary student at SACDMS in 2014, Tara has experienced first-hand how beautiful and fulfilling the Montessori environment is for child and family alike. Ms. Tara has been an active member of the school’s community serving both as PTO Treasurer and President. She has worked for the school’s After Care program as well as a substitute teacher and is currently working on her 0-3 and 3-6 Montessori certified training. Ms. Tara hopes to create a foundation on which the children will grow a love of learning and compassion toward our natural environment, and each other, by sharing her passion of Montessori learning with children and their families.

Ms. Ashley Kinkaid

Bio coming soon.

Pre-Primary Tuition

Pre-Primary Registration Fee: $300

First Child M-F M, W, F T/Th
Annual $8,600 $7,000 $6,000
Semi-Annual $4,300 $3,500 $3,000
10 Month Aug-May $870 $710 $610
12 Month Jun – May $723 $592 $508

Pre-Primary – Second Child

Second Child M-F M, W, F T/Th
Annual $7,900 $6,300 $5,200
Semi-Annual $3,950 $3,150 $2,600
10 Month Aug-May $810 $650 $540
12 Month Jun-May $675 $542 $450

*Please Note: 10 & 12 month tuition schedules are paid per month. Application and registration fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable.

Early Bird & After School Enrichment

Activities include building and construction activities, games of strategy, and cooperative play. If your Primary student finds school a difficult adjustment, consider this program for a smooth transition into the Montessori classroom at 9:30 a.m.

Early Birds Daily Rate M-F M, W, F T/Th
7:30 – 8:00 $5 $95 $55 $35
7:30 – 9:30 $15 $300 $180 $120
8:00 – 9:30 $10 $160 $93 $69
8:30 – 9:30 $7 $110 $69 $49


After School Enrichment Daily Rate M-F M, W, F T/Th
2:30 – 4:00 $12 $180 $104 $77
2:30 – 5:30 $15 $225 $154 $110

Admissions & Enrollment Process for New Students




Students will be accepted if the following criteria are met:

  1. The school is confident the student’s needs can be met at SACDMS.
  2. Evidence is present that the school and family are a suitable fit for the SACDMS community.
  3. The school, the parents, and the student commit to share equally in the educational  process.


At San Antonio Country Day Montessori School, we accept applications regardless of race, color, creed, religion, or national origin. Formal registration for the following Fall/Spring terms begins in February, with registration ongoing until class sizes are realized. Waiting lists are maintained and when openings become available parents/guardians will be called in order taken.

Before admission, an enrollment contract complete with registration fee, Physician’s Statement, current shot record, and automatic tuition payment authorization must be on file in the Admission’s Office.

Please Note: Application and registration fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable.