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Lower Elementary

Our Lower Elementary Program

The Lower Elementary (Grades 1st, 2nd, & 3rd) classes capitalize on the skills learned in the Pre-Primary, Primary, and Kindergarten Programs. Writing develops as a means to communicate effectively and creatively using the Writer’s Workshop model. Reading for 6 – 9 year olds consists of not only decoding words, but also learning strategies to assist in making meaningful connections with text. Critical thinking skills are gained as students improve their operational math skills and work with word problems.

Geography lessons expand to include broader cultural traditions within continents. As the students begin to understand the greater community, depth of thought is encouraged and developed. Community projects are adopted to foster compassion and develop students as global citizens. History and science are taught in the context of Montessori’s five great lessons. The students are engaged in learning the origins of life in our universe as well as the history of written language and numbers.

Practical life skills are still the foundation for keeping our community clean, ordered, purposeful, and decorated with work. Our organizational skills reach a new level, as students are required to keep their locker area clean and neat.

Students begin researching and presenting information individually and in cooperative groups. They are introduced to digital resources and the basics of web safety

Special Programs

  • Barnyard – Maria Montessori believed with knowledge comes respect. Our barnyard offers an intimate experience for observation and care taking. The Lower Elementary students only observe the animals and do not make contact with them. The students will, however, begin to take part in caring for the animals as they progress into the Upper Elementary Program.
  • Butterfly Garden & Garden Boxes – On campus we maintain a butterfly garden and each class has its own garden box that the children plant and water. The students enjoy completing the work cycle, learning about the environment, and understanding this ecosystem.
  • Fine Arts Performances – Our Fine Arts program provides children with the foundation for knowledge and appreciation of the master artists and composers as well as opportunities for self-expression. Throughout the year, parents/guardians are invited to enjoy performances given by the children.
  • Computer & Internet Use – Montessori materials are designed to help students refine motor skills; develop thinking and problem solving skills, as well as increase vocabulary and understanding of other concepts. As a result, computers are introduced in Elementary. Permission slips signed by parents are required before students are allowed to utilize the computers. Commitment agreements are required by the student and parents in order to maintain the highest standard of use.

Child Care Assistance Programs – We are a Provider for the following:

  • CCS, Child Care Services: The Child Care Services (CCS) division of the City of San Antonio partners with Alamo Area Development Cooperation (AADC) to provide child care and provider management services for Bexar County, and 11 surrounding areas including: Atascosa, Bandera, Comal, Frio, Gillespie, Guadalupe, Karnes, Kendall, Kerr, Medina, and Wilson.
  • NACCRA: Child Care Aware of America is our nation’s leading voice for child care. We work with state and local Child Care Resource and Referral agencies (CCR&Rs) and other community partners to ensure that all families have access to quality, affordable child care.
  • GSA: Child Care Subsidies for Federal Employees. Child care subsidy programs provide financial assistance to eligible families to assist with child care costs.

Meet Our Lower Elementary Teachers

Ms. Shyamlee Handa

Pre Primary Shyamlee Handa


Ms. Shyamlee has recently relocated to San Antonio from Richmond, Virginia, where she has been teaching since 2006. She fell in love with the Montessori philosophy when helping her Mother in her Montessori school in New Jersey. She did her Elementary certification in 2011 from Princeton Center for Teacher Education for the 6-9 age group. She believes children work very well in a mixed age classroom, learning from their peers, which in turn fosters independence and social skills. Shyamlee loves to work with students this age as she feels they are just beginning to discover themselves in the real world; seeing children grow from toddlers into young individuals gives her tremendous joy. Besides teaching, Ms. Shyamlee loves to spend time with her two boys, ages 4 and 10. She also loves to cook and entertain friends; when she finds a little extra time, Shyamlee loves to paint.

Ms. Shirin

Ms. Shirin Lalani

Lower Elementary
Ms. Shirin Lalani


Lower Elementary Tuition

Lower Elementary Registration Fee: $550

First Child Second Child
Annual $9,800 Annual $9,300
Semi-Annual $4,900 Semi-Annual $4,650
10 Month Aug-May $990 10 Month Aug – May $940
12 Month Jun-May $825 12 Month Jun – May $785

*Please Note: 10 & 12 month tuition schedules are paid per month. Application and registration fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable.

Early Bird & After School Enrichment

Activities include building and construction activities, games of strategy, and cooperative play. If your Primary student finds school a difficult adjustment, consider this program for a smooth transition into the Montessori classroom at 9:30 a.m.

Early Birds Daily Rate M-F M, W, F T/Th
7:30 – 8:00 $5 $95 $55 $35
7:30 – 9:30 $15 $300 $180 $120
8:00 – 9:30 $10 $160 $93 $69
8:30 – 9:30 $7 $110 $69 $49


After School Enrichment Daily Rate M-F M, W, F T/Th
2:30 – 4:00 $12 $180 $104 $77
2:30 – 5:30 $15 $225 $154 $110

Admissions & Enrollment Process for New Students




Students will be accepted if the following criteria are met:

  1. The school is confident the student’s needs can be met at SACDMS.
  2. Evidence is present that the school and family are a suitable fit for the SACDMS community.
  3. The school, the parents, and the student commit to share equally in the educational  process.


At San Antonio Country Day Montessori School, we accept applications regardless of race, color, creed, religion, or national origin. Formal registration for the following Fall/Spring terms begins in February, with registration ongoing until class sizes are realized. Waiting lists are maintained and when openings become available parents/guardians will be called in order taken.

Before admission, an enrollment contract complete with registration fee, Physician’s Statement, current shot record, and automatic tuition payment authorization must be on file in the Admission’s Office.

Please Note: Application and registration fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable.